Grass fed & grain finished for the best flavor possible

Our cattle graze and forage on a dozen different varieties of nutrient dense grasses and legumes year round. We then custom finish every steer and heifer in small batches for added tenderness and flavor with over 100 days on a grain-based ration to supplement their natural diet.

Eco-friendly shipping to protect the land we love

Our HIDEBOX™ packaging materials won’t clutter the landfills when you choose to receive your beef in our insulated shipping totes. These reusable totes are leather-lined with our signature cow-hide and desined using space-age insulation to keep your beef at optimal temperature while in transit. Roundtrip shipping is included in the price of each box and we offer local pickup options for those looking to save.

We own the cattle & guarantee what goes into your beef

Established in the early 1940s, The Cheek Ranch’s Angus beef program is now in its 4th generation of family management. We offer the opportunity to know where your beef comes from and how it is raised. Our grass fed/grain finished program starts with the 10+ crops we plant solely for our cattle's consumption. We don't use chemical fertlizers and our grain is locally sourced as much as possible. We respect both our animals and our land because they are our future.

"We are very excited to share our family ranch with our local community and beyond! Thank you for taking time to learn more about our work and our products."
Earl J. Cheek
The Cheek Ranch

Curated Beef Club Boxes

Our mission is to translate an out-dated method of sales (ie. buying "shares" of a cow) into delivering a sizeable selection of meat from our family-owned ranch straight to our customers. We have selected the best cuts from all areas of a beef carcass and are delivering them in a consumer-friendly portion. To us that means Beef Club Boxes should be well fitted to both a crowded upright freezer, common to most kitchens, and our customers’ pocketbooks.


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